This sport is open to all, men and women from 7 to 77 years, frail or sturdy !
Everyone is welcome and all levels are represented in our club.
Above all, do not think that this sport is reserved for the sporting elite.
Only two conditions must be respected :
• Knowing how to swim
• Passing (medical ) certification

Kit / Equipment
No special kit is required. We recommend however that you wear snug fitting clothes which allow easy movement.
Rowing School

We have boats specifically for beginners in which basic techniques may be learned without worry. After 4 outings guided by our trainers, you will join a crew and continue learning with other members.

Participation in competitions is not obligatory; many members row only for pleasure !
Others on the other hand come for competition, national or international, coached to bring them up to required standard.


Rowers on the water are constantly under surveillance of a trainer, ready to intervene in case of difficulties.